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I have been designing beautiful, butterfly artwork for years. I start with an idea then either sketch or photograph an object, then I choose the butterfly and it’s perspective color to bring each art piece to life. I make each piece from start to finish and sign and date each display. My exotic butterfly artworks are of the finest quality in the world.  My goal is to preserve these beautiful creatures’ natural beauty for everyone to enjoy. 

The butterflies I use are not endangered and have lived their full natural life span.

Butterfly Farming

The butterflies I use for my artwork come from eight different countries: Malaysia, the Philippines, Kenya, El Salvador, Costa Rica, Suriname, Ecuador, and Peru. These butterflies are raised on sustainable butterfly farms that work to conserve butterfly habitats as well preserve specific butterfly species and protect the rain forest they come from. Butterfly farming is an extremely sustainable industry because a female butterfly can lay hundreds of eggs in her lifetime, and in the wild only about six to ten of these eggs are expected to reach adulthood. 

Caterpillars encounter a host of difficulties in the wild from predators to diseases to parasitism. When a butterfly farmer raises these caterpillars in a protected environment, one batch of eggs can produce hundreds of adults rather than the six to ten that would survive in the wild. The farmer can then send some of these butterflies to butterfly centers around the world, or keep some of these butterflies for breeding purposes, and re-release some of these butterflies into their natural environment to help supplement the local population.

Butterfly Farming

This is the model used by many of the farmers that work with Butterfly Design Works. Butterfly farming also provides an economic incentive to protect vulnerable habitats. Butterflies need a robust habitat in order to thrive, so butterfly farmers are a huge part of protecting that habitat. Butterfly DesignWorks works with butterfly suppliers in the tropics to support the conservation of threatened habitats for butterflies and other invertebrates.